Irrigation in Austin: Tips to Hire The Right Company

The Austin, Texas area is situated on the Colorado River. It has a semi arid climate, with hot summers, moderate springs, milder winter days and cold winter nights. The summers here are extremely hot; the temperature reaches an average low of 73 degree Fahrenheit and high of 90 degree Fahrenheit in July and August.

The varying temperatures and long periods without substantial rainfall require a permanent irrigation system for most landscapes. Less water is required during spring, while in summers the need for irrigation rises. During winter months, you can turn off your irrigation system. A proper
irrigation system ensures that Austin homeowners have a healthy and beautiful lawn.

The traditional forms of irrigation system include sprinklers, spray heads and rotary nozzles. Many people prefer to water their lawn by hand, but it is preferable to hire a professional contractor for installation and maintenance of an irrigation system. The initial cost may seem a little more than doing it yourself, but it saves from a lot of futuretroubles by ensuring a well designed system for custom landscape needs.

Selecting a good contractor can be a complex task with so many of them operating in the market. But making a good decision after doing proper research will leave you satisfied for years to come.

Here are certain tips which will help you make an informed choice:

- Ask for Referrals:- Checking a few references will give you a better idea about the ability and functioning of the Contractor. You can get an idea as to how responsive he is in answering questions related to repairs and other concerns. A reputable company will be helpful enough to provide references.

- Ask Questions:- A well qualified contractor will be eager to explain about the design and types of products they use. He should also suggest you regarding which system will perfectly fit your needs in the given budget.

- License:- The contractor should have all the required and licenses to operate. You should always look for a licensed and certified contractor. You can look for the certification on their site too.

- Experience:- Having a substantial work experience in the field is important to earn the trust of the consumers. You should do a thorough background check before hiring.

- Reputation:- It is important to assess the reputation of the contractor in terms of quality of work and time schedule. An experienced contractor won’t be of much help if he has a tarnished market image.

- Size of the Company:- The contractor should have enough skilled and experienced people working under him. Having a decent company size will ensure quick delivery of services. Larger company size though does not always mean better services, but having skilled and qualified professionals is a must. You should verify the level of training and experience given to workers.

- Proper Equipment:- Make sure that the contractor has latest tools and equipments to carry out installation and repair. You can plan a visit to some other place where the company is carrying out installation to get a better idea about their functioning.

- Customer Service:- The responsibility of the company does not lie only till installing the irrigation system. The contractor should offer proper after sale services in case any issue arises.

- Insurance:- A reputable contractor will carry a proper insurance policy in case any damage occurs to your property.

- Get a Written Proposal:- Do not choose a contractor if he does not offer a written proposal and plan. A written plan will help you get an idea about the scope and details of the installation. You should also work with a contractor only after signing a legal contract. The contract should clearly state all the terms and conditions and should clearly state the guarantee and warranty amount of both the parts and the workmanship.

- Final Selection:- Once you have shortlisted a few contractors, schedule a final meeting with them to discuss all the necessary details including the time frame and the cost involved. You can then make the final choice depending on which contractor serves your purpose in the best possible manner.

Never be in a hurry to hire a contractor. It is important to do proper research and background check before selecting one. A properly installed and maintained irrigation system will be very beneficial for you in future.

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