Outdoor Lighting in The Austin Area

Outdoor lighting is all the rage in the Austin area. Almost all new homes being built include some type of outdoor lighting scheme. The purpose of outdoor lighting is two fold, beauty and security. In recent years, outdoor lighting has become very affordable. Gone are the days of heavy high voltage and expensive lights. Today’s lights feature low voltage bulbs and inexpensive installation.

Beauty: Outdoor lighting can make your landscaped areas come alive at night. Personally, I actually prefer a landscaped yard view with lighting during the evening hours. The cooler temperature and the abilty to dramatically highlight certain areas create a feel different from the day that is more satisfying.

Security: Outdoor lighting adds to the overall security of your home. Tall bushes around your home create natural hiding places for burglars. Having been in the security business myself for over 15 years I can tell you that creating a harder target is the name of the game. Burglars are lazy by nature and will simply go elsewhere.

Have a look at the American Lighting Association website at www.americanlightingassociation.com for info in their articles and press release section for some good info.

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